We are a direct lender and offer various short-term loans at affordable interest rates to help you tide over during an emergency. Whenever you need money, you can approach us by submitting an online application form, and we will disburse money the same day.

Our slogan is ‘Get What You Deserve’

We entered the lending industry because we want to provide you with financial support. Our philosophy does not aim at making profits. Our journey has been very smooth and pleasant so far. In addition to our transparent approach, here is what makes us better than mainstream lenders:

  • You get a loan in minutes.
  • We do not charge fees because we are a private lender, not a broker.
  • Interest is capped at 0.8%.


1onefinance was founded with one clear, straightforward purpose: to help people to maintain financial health. Having discovered that many other online lenders had been taking advantage of borrowers’ impaired credit standing, we decided to introduce unsecured loan deals at lower interest rates. Our vision is to evolve the lending industry so that everyone could get financial support as and when needed without being trapped in a predatory debt cycle.

We do not believe that people should not stay devoid of taking out a loan due to less-than-perfect credit score and income fluctuations when they need money. We feel that everyone should have equal opportunities, which is why we offer:

  • Personalised loan deals without hidden fees and debt traps
  • Practical guidance for building your credit rating and achieving financial goals
  • Financial advice to retirees and the unemployed

Here is what we are doing to achieve our goals:

  • We believe that the success of our business depends on our ability to offer the right product to our borrowers.
  • We use advanced artificial intelligence technology so that you can fill out and submit your online form safely.
  • Our database is secure to keep your personal information from theft.
  • We disburse funds after taking into consideration your affordability.


Since we want to create a world where everyone could access funds whenever they require, we do not emphasise a stellar credit report; rather, we try to create a path to help you. As a direct lender, our focus is not to let you fall into a predatory debt spiral, which is why we consider your current financial condition to estimate your affordability. Your credit score is likely to be good, but you are on low wages and may fail to afford a loan.

  • We give rewards if you repay the loan on time. It allows taking out a large amount of money next time at lower interest rates.
  • You can get financial counselling free of cost.

1onefinance strives to build personalised loan deals that provide you with an exceptional experience and help to boost your financial health.


Our values inspire us to treat all our borrowers with equality, whether or not your credit rating is perfect. We stick to these values because it not only helps us improve our integrity and reliability but also helps you get the right product. We assure you that our transparent policy and work ethics will not let you down.

  • We are passionate to help you financially.
  • We try our best to answer all of your queries at once.
  • Our financial guidance is constructive, especially for those who are already in debt.
  • We do not provide misleading information.

Do you want to get the best deals? Do you want to build your credit score? Do you want to get financial guidance? Contact us; we are always there to help you.

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