Jessica William operates as a Senior Consultant and Chief Content Editor for 10 years at 1Onefinance. She assists the firm in getting a grip on the new lending laws and regulations. She does so by researching the trends, consumer requirements, and new audience preferences. Jessica is responsible for making important financial and administrative decisions. Apart from helping consumers with the best solutions, Jessica Williams helps them ensure financial stability.  She analyse the business data, finances, expenses, and revenue/ income of customers and determines necessary changes. Jessica finished her Doctorate in finance and law and implements her knowledge to the best interest of the firm and customers.
December 21, 2023

Should Start-ups Rely on Business Loans or Bootstrap?

Lots of people starting new companies face a big question: Should we self-fund our business or get money from banks? Self-funding means using your own cash or income to pay for stuff. It’s called “bootstrapping.” The other option is business loans. These are agreements where a bank gives you money you pay back later with […]

December 19, 2023

Can you use loans for people on benefits for Christmas?

Christmas is a few days apart, and your preparations must be in full swing. Even though you have trimmed down your Christmas budget, it is not surprising to have gone beyond your budget. That is normal, and there is no need to blame your budgeting method. You can apply for Christmas loans when you need […]

December 14, 2023

Why your credit report must reveal a good range of instalment loans?

Have you ever received a loan rejection? Yes, it is the most irritating part. It especially hurts the most when you need it urgently. Usually, a lender expects the borrower to analyse the credit report, finances, personal details, and joint account associations before applying for the loan. It is because these aspects impact the loan […]

December 12, 2023

Christmas Loans: Boon or Bane for Your Holiday Budget?

Lots of people take out special loans to pay for Christmas. These are called Christmas loans. Some folks feel this helps them buy more gifts and things for the holidays. But other people think these loans just make money problems worse later on. Christmas costs a lot. There are presents and parties and decorations and […]

December 8, 2023

Your Guide for Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

The holidays are meant to be a joyous time spent with loved ones. As we deck our halls, we want to spread cheer in a way that cares for our shared home – the planet. Small, green choices protect the earth so future generations can carry on beloved traditions. We can make this season bright […]

December 6, 2023

How do you bounce back stronger after facing loan rejection?

There is nothing to feel disheartened about after the lender has denied offering you financial support. It does not happen on a random basis as there has to be a concrete reason behind such behaviour. Moreover, do not consider it as the ultimate decision you can receive from a loan provider as there are variations […]

November 30, 2023

Is it better to consider alternatives to Christmas loans?

Financial assistance specialised to offer support during the festive season might not always be the right solution. They are accessible ahead of the holiday season. Besides, you cannot use them for a purpose other than festivity expenses. However, getting these loans might prove to be expensive for your pocket. How? Some other loan options might […]

November 28, 2023

What types of debts are available when your credit rating is poor?

Online lenders may not be as strict as banks, but they also pay heed to a bad credit rating while deciding the interest rates to charge. Your credit history reflects your payment behaviour and commitment towards debts you have taken on. Lenient lending terms and conditions do not mean that a lender is giving away […]

November 24, 2023

Can Christmas loans make your festive dreams come true?

This festivity is the perfect time for merry-making. You cannot think of financial struggles as you want to enjoy having a fun and peaceful time with your loved ones. However, you cannot deny that this is the moment when you should be ready for different types of outgoings. It is because the festival celebration involves […]

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