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As a business owner, needs can arise out of nowhere, or plans change at the last moment. Here, business start-up loans offer cash flexibility to counter any requirements.

Constant wait and endless documentation impact the excitement. If you need quick money, you get it with the following features:

  • Without any realistic eligibility
  • Without paying anything upfront
  • With clear guidance on the loan process and application
  • For any urgent and futuristic business need

We provide smooth, well-communicated, affordable start-up business loans for critical needs. Without setting any unrealistic expectations, we analyse the application for approval.

We provide opportunities for approval at affordable APR and fixed terms. Tap us for collateral-free small business loans in the UK that help businesses qualify without fear.

What do unsecured business loans imply?

A business loan is financial assistance that is primarily for business owners. Under this, you can apply for a cash surplus of up to £50000 for your needs. The repayment term can vary anywhere from 12 to 60 months, depending on the purpose and amount borrowed.

Unsecured business loans share competitive interest rates and detailed profile assessments. We cut through the hassle by concentrating only on the primary factors:

  • Length of the loan term
  • Amount you need
  • The business’s operational years
  • The business’s financial status

You do not need to fear pledging and losing your business asset. You should be confident and provide reliable proof of affordability.

If you provide the documents needed, you may qualify quickly. Instead of being reluctant, we carefully listen to your needs, aims, and challenges and offer the best unsecured business loans in the UK. Accepting the same thoroughly rests on you.

start up business loans

Why may may need these business start-up loans?

You can use these loans for much of any business goal. As a start-up getting quick funding is challenging. We do not assure you, but we work hard to ensure swift approval for your purposes. You can use these start-up business loans for any of the below purposes:

  • Purchasing new equipment

    If you have been struggling to grow with restricted finances, a business loan for a start-up can help you fix it. Whether to purchase new equipment or machinery, get swift cash. You can also use it for equipment repairs.

  • Workplace renovation

    Whether you want to shift a few pieces of furniture or revamp the existing infrastructure into the advanced mode with digital boards, business start-up loans can help. You can also go for space extensions or make it a loveable place for customers.

    It helps you close the cash barrier and transform space without waiting endlessly for payroll clearance.

  • Up stocking inventory

    Having an extra cash surplus help businesses meet urgent stock need. If you believe you may soon run out of inventory, a business start-up loan is the best way to address it quickly. No paperwork and a smooth process make it accessible.

  • Re-define business proposals for investors

    Pitching is a critical moment for start-ups. You need cash flexibility, from revising the sales triggers to introducing fresh concepts. Rid yourself of that financial tension and crack the deal now. Get start-up loans today.

What are the advantages of start-up loans?

Every new or established company requires cash to thrive and grow. Having someone to rely on for additional financial support can be relieving. Thus, start-up loans allow the freedom to dominate competitors by launching strategies in time.

Here is how these loans help you to upkeep business momentum:

  • Help you sustain through quieter periods

    If you are indulged in self-employment or a seasonal business, you may encounter times with low or no sales. It is time to get ready for upcoming sales. If you lack funds, a start-up loan can help.

  • Same-day loan disbursal

    Critical business requirements like immediate ticket booking, closing a deal, urgent business meets, and stocking up inventory require immediate action. If you have yet to receive the money, this loan can help provide same-day cash in your account. We ensure safe and secure transactions, especially on new business loans.

  • Flexible repayment structure

    If you are in the initial start-up phase or are encountering low sales, flexible repayment is all you need. We grant you sufficient freedom to choose your repayments. If you believe you can repay early, you can do so. We do not charge a fee. The interest rates remain intact throughout the term eliminating any surprise costs.

How do business start-up loans differ from personal loans?

Individuals often share confusion regarding availing of personal loans to meet urgent business needs or check out business start-up loans. If you are starting, a personal loan suits you most. Still, getting a personal loan for business purposes is not easy.

Business Loans Personal Loans
These loans are especially for financing business needs like-
  • Working capital needs
  • Operational needs
  • Infrastructure improvement
  • Marketing
Individuals can use these loans for any purpose or everyday events. One can even use it for business purposes apart from:
  • Car repair
  • Rental payment
  • Weddings
  • Home improvement
These loans share affordable interest rates If you need a personal loan for business needs, then it could prove more competitive than business loans
You can borrow a higher amount for business needs. Here you can or bad credit if you share a low credit profile and need loans urgently Some personal loans like payday loans with no credit check have limited payout (£2500)

Who can apply for Start-up business loans?

Different business types have unique requirements. If your business belongs to any of the below categories, you are eligible for business loans for start-ups with us.

  • Limited liabilities
  • Proprietorship
  • Self-employed
  • Unemployed individuals with business idea

Yes, we provide business loans for the unemployed struggling to market their business idea or establish the base for their services or products. You can now work on your business idea and progress toward growth without worrying about finances.

It grants you far more flexibility than loans for people on benefits. It is ideal for emergencies or extra financial cover while starting your business.

If you share a stable credit history and a good business plan, you may be eligible for loans for business here. We believe in helping businesses share growth potential regardless of financial circumstances. Now, you can survive and thrive with these approachable loans.

Can I obtain business loans for bad credit with stable finances?

Yes, you may get one with us. However, you must meet the other parameters apart from your credit score to qualify. While applying for bad credit business loans, we may ask for a personal guarantee.

A personal guarantee reflects the confirmation of repayments signed between you and the company stating your responsibility to pay the loan if the business fails.

It is an especially important parameter in unsecured business loans facility. However, you do not need to provide any amounts up to £10000. You can qualify for these installment loans from direct lenders like us without collateral or a personal guarantee.

For the amount above that, we need a guarantee. It could be anything like a personal asset or someone who agrees to pay on your behalf.

How to apply for start-up business loans for bad credit?

You should know the right time to apply before applying. If you share no other way to finance your requirement and the purpose is urgent, apply. Waiting for long intervals could further lead to confusion.

No one understands your business and its needs better than you. If you have spotted the need, check eligibility. Here is a specific criterion that start-ups must comply with while availing of bad credit business loans in the UK:

Eligibility criteria for start-up business loans:

  • Your business has an official registration in the UK
  • You have an operational history of 6 months or more
  • Your business turnover is a minimum of £8000/month or 72000/year
  • Have a sound business plan with growth potential
  • You are a business owner of 18 or above the age
  • Showcase consistent business growth
  • Owner of a legal office space location or a website

Application procedure:

STEP 1 Fill up the form by providing some basic details like:
  • Company name
  • Company type
  • Your name
  • Email
  • Purpose
  • Account number
  • Contact number
STEP 2 Provide the below documents:
  • Bank statements (past 90 days)
  • Balance sheets
  • Business license/registration
  • Revenue statement
  • Business plan
  • Tax returns/ self-assessment
  • Business credit report
  • Personal guarantee (if needed)
STEP 3 We will provide you with a final agreement that is personalised to your need and affordability
STEP 4 Place your confirmation on the same
STEP 5 Get funds the same day or within 24 hours to your respective account

We never leave you on hold. Instead, progress with the application with quick follow-ups. We grant you the flexibility to schedule the loan. You can book your loan or check the available loans to start a business without any obligation.

Why choose 1onefinance for small business start-up loans?

Businesses should not be restricted from clearing their dues early. Hence, we provide business loans with an early-clearance facility. As a result, you pay interest until you decide to repay the loan. It helps save money. Here are other reasons to partner with us for start-up business loans in the UK:

  • Top-up loan facility
  • 2 repayment holidays if your finances suffer
  • We do not waste time, discuss approval possibilities
  • No legwork as 100% online process
  • Best in the industry APR
  • Keep you posted throughout the loan agreement


You may have an idea about unsecured start-up loans. If you share any doubts, here are some popular queries by our customers. It will help you.

Will a business loan application affect my credit score?

Your business loan application will not be impacted as we conduct only a soft credit check first to gauge your affordability. After your acceptance, you will be responsible for continuous payments to keep your credit score intact.

What happens if I default on unsecured business start-up loans?

It could seriously dent your business profile. If you pledge a guarantee in the form of a person or assets, the lender can legally claim it. Moreover, the person responsible would have to pay the dues. Thus, the wise decision would be to contact us as soon you finance change. We may help you safeguard your business and pay the loan comfortably by re-scheduling your payments.

How to know the business loan is right for your circumstances?

You must first identify the purpose of the loan. If the business purpose cannot wait until your next deal, get the loan.

  • Identify the interest rates, hidden fees, and costs
  • Identify the pre-payment charges or missed payment charges
  • Check the APR on the loan
  • Pick a repayment schedule that aligns well with your budget

How does the company help eliminate the risks associated with business loans?

We only approve a loan if your profile reveals you can pay it back comfortably. Apart from granting flexibility on loan tenure, we help individuals mitigate risks by:

  • We ask for a personal guarantee in extreme cases where there are limited chances of qualifying
  • The loan interest remains fixed, and borrowers always know how much to pay
  • Freedom to choose and re-schedule repayment in financial distress

How to improve your chances for start-up loans on bad credit?

Though qualifying with us is easy, you can still take the below steps to clock your loan approval.

  • Try to eliminate debts in profile as much as possible
  • Work on ensuring a sound business plan with revenue projections
  • Clear pending invoices from clients
  • Provide a personal guarantee or get a co-signer.

For further help, you can contact us.

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