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Are you searching for the best deal on a joint loan, either with your spouse or a family member? 1OneFinance will help you. Our joint loans allow you to apply for a partnership with another person. While providing this, we can consider the credit profile of both applicants instead of only one.

With these loan options, you can borrow a large amount at an affordable interest rate based on your credit score.

To examine your loan eligibility, you need to submit your application online. You can borrow from £1000 to £25000 over 12 to 60 months if approved. Our loan procedure will not impact your credit score, as we use a soft credit check. We do not practice hard credit checks, and it is specifically helpful for those seeking joint loans in the UK with poor credit history.

What are personal joint loans?

Personal joint loans are those loans where two people jointly apply. During the process, the lender considers the credit scores of both applicants, and they share a collective responsibility of making the repayments on time. It is an ideal option when you need a larger amount or if one of you has a bad credit score.

Several individuals want a loan, but their credit scores do not allow them to approach mainstream lenders. Here, contacting direct lenders like us is beneficial for getting personal loans on a joint application.

While applying for these loans, you ensure you have a trustworthy partner who can stand firmly with you in making all the timely repayments. It is a significant benefit of joint loans for unemployed people. However, both loan partners have equal rights to obtain loan benefits, but if one misses the repayments, the other has to pay the remaining amount, not half.

Joint Loans

Where to use joint personal loans?

If you are applying for joint personal loans, you can get a large amount to borrow. You can use the amount to handle any financial emergency or large purchases. Here are a few examples of where you can use these loans:

  • Buying a new car

    You can use the borrowed amount while purchasing a new or used car. You can cover up to 90% of the car loan amount. However, it is suggested to analyse the correct amount according to your repayment affordability.

  • Consolidating multiple debts

    These joint loans for poor credit people are ideal for merging multiple debts into a single loan option. It helps shrink debts into one monthly payment and interest rate, putting fewer burdens on your monthly income.

  • Home Renovation

    The large amount you borrow is perfect for doing a minor or major home renovation. It will help increase its value and look pleasing to the guests coming. It is a much cheaper option than a remortgage.

    You can have your motive for applying for these loans. If your recent profile is good and you handle all payments sincerely, we can even provide you with joint loans with no credit check facility.

What are the types of joint loans for bad credit?

Many individuals have various financial requirements for which they need specialised loan products. As the responsible direct lender, we also bring other loans in the joint loan application frame.

Below are the types of joint loans for bad credit which you can consider:-

Unsecured Loans: Go for a loan without arranging security against the loan amount. Our unsecured loans for bad credit suit those in a financial emergency but want to get funds, not at the expense of their home or car.

Instalment Loans: Get ongoing financial assistance for a specific period and with a fixed monthly instalment. The significant advantage of obtaining joint installment loans from direct lenders is getting approval irrespective of your lower credit ratings.

Small Business Loans: Our facility of joint application is available not only for individuals but also for businesses too. We offer bespoke small business loans in the UK, which you can apply with your partner.

Christmas Loans: Continue with your festive celebration with no financial hurdles. We allow you to apply jointly for our Christmas loans on significant benefits. These are unsecured loans and are available for every class of borrowers.

Loans on Benefits: If one of you is unemployed and living on unemployment benefits, you can still you be eligible for our loans. We prepared a dedicated loan offer for you as joint loans for benefits. You can use these benefits to make the repayments.

You can settle on any of these types of bad credit joint loans. We vouch for providing them on fitted terms consistent with your loan affordability.

What are the advantages of joint loans for bad credit?

Applying for joint loans for bad credit becomes a sensible decision if you are married or have trustworthy friends or colleagues. You can utilise the borrowed amount together and repay it with joint responsibility. These sorts of loans bring many advantages, some of which we have mentioned below:

  • Borrow a large amount

    You and your partner can borrow a significant amount of up to £25000, which can help manage large purchases. However, you must be sure about your affordability before finalising the loan amount.

  • No guarantor is needed

    You are applying jointly, and there is no need to arrange a guarantor. You and your partner are responsible for repaying the loan on time. Even if one of you has a poor credit score, we can offer joint bad credit loans with no guarantor.

  • Repayments are shared between you and your loan partner

    Repaying the large amount needs sincerity until the loan term ends. It will not be a matter of concern because the repayments are shared between two people. If repayments are made per schedule, their credit scores will be good.

  • Loan approval and disbursal within 24 hours

    We approve joint bad credit loans on the same day of application submission. We also transfer the funds within 24 hours because we are sure about the repayments from you or your loan partner.

  • Higher acceptance rate

    One of you will have a good credit score to show financial credibility. Besides, both of you are equally responsible for making the repayments. In such scenarios, we may guarantee you loan approval.

What things to remember about joint loans for couples?

You and your spouse should be confident about the repayments and then apply for joint loans for couples. Before you commit to the loans, you need to think about these things:

  • You need to analyse these loans with other options. If you find another loan is good, then go for it.
  • You should be 100% sure about the repayments now and throughout the loan term.
  • How much do you trust your partner and are confident about his/her repayment capability?
  • Examine the loan offer you will apply for and check whether there are any extra fees or not.
  • Do you know your and your spouse’s credit scores before applying for joint loans from direct lenders?

If you are sure about these things, then you are good to go for joint loans for couples with bad credit in the UK. The interest rates will be lower, and we do not ask for any upfront fees.

Joint Loan Application

How to submit a joint loan application?

Submitting a joint loan application is not burdensome here. We have digitalised our loans as it makes way for quick loan approval and fund transfer. You need to come online after feeling confident about the loan's affordability

Follow these steps to apply for a joint loan:

Step 01:

Click the 'Apply Now' button and complete a single-page online form with mandatory details. Submit it after carefully checking the information.

Step 02:

We will soon analyse your application and send an obligation-free quote. Go through it and give your consent on that quote.

Step 03:

We approve your joint loan application with bad credit within a few minutes and release the asked amount to your bank account.

Why 1OneFinance?

We focus on responsible lending, which is why we provide the right deals to those looking for joint loans in the UK. Our loans will be beneficial for you in many references, such as:

  • We use a soft search policy that will not leave any impact on your credit profile
  • We are the specialised lender for those having less-than-perfect credit scores
  • There is no need to approach a broker and pay extra fees
  • We take loan decisions within a few minutes
  • You can use loans for almost any purpose (which should be a genuine one)

Are you ready with your partner to submit an application for joint loans? If yes, why wait?

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Why use a joint loan calculator?

Using a joint loans calculator becomes very important as getting the correct estimate of the interest rate and repayment term that suits you most. It will also help you to choose a suitable lender who can offer loans at affordable rates.

How do be eligible for joint loans?

To qualify for the joint loan application, you need to fulfill these criteria:-

  • You and your co-applicant should be above 18 years of age
  • Either one of you should be a homeowner and earning a full-time income
  • There should be a joint or individual bank account in the UK

Can we apply for joint loans if we both are self-employed?

Yes, you can apply for the loans, and your self-employment will not affect it. However, you need to show your income proof and loan affordability.

Can we split our joint loans in the mid-term?

You are not allowed to split the joint loans midway. If one of you misses or will not pay the monthly instalments, another borrower will be liable to repay the pending amount. You both have collectively signed the application. Thus, completing the loan becomes your responsibility.

Will a joint personal loan with no credit check increase the interest rate?

No, it will not impact the interest rate, as it will remain affordable only. We only follow a no-credit-check policy in rare circumstances, such as if your recent payments are on time. You are improving your credit scores. You are applying for the first time and many more.

Representative example
  • Amount of Borrowing

    £2,500 over 1 Year
  • A Variable Representative of

    11.8% APR
  • Monthly Repayment Amount


Borrowers must be UK residents and aged 18 or over. Credit limits and interest rates vary based on your individual circumstances.

Keep in mind: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.
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