Get instant cash help with loans for people on benefits

If you receive benefits, there may be a good reason. Perhaps, despite systematic efforts, you struggle to find work. You may be living on disability benefits, and circumstances may not favour grabbing a regular job. Whatever the scenario, surviving with squeezed finances is troublesome.

When income and benefits do not suffice, you need some additional flexibility. But many individuals are turned down by banks for lower credit scores and income. We consider individuals receiving regular payments via benefits. You can apply and get loans today on benefits to serve even the slightest purpose.

What are loans on benefits?

These loans are for those currently out of work due to genuine circumstances and who receive benefits. With this short-term unsecured facility, you can bridge emergencies quickly. We here consider factors other than credit score and regular employment history to approve the loan. It works almost similarly to payday loans with no credit check facility.

If you are on any benefits and need extra cash, you can get a loan on benefits from direct lenders, like us, without stressing your budget. We offer a flexible amount to individuals qualifying for the loan.

LOAN AMOUNT £1000-£10000

These loans work just like payday loans on benefits because incomes are the primary source of approval. Like salary-day loans, you can split the payments as per comfort.

We never urge you to choose a specific repayment plan. Pick an amount that does not harm your bottom line. If you are confused, our representatives can help you fetch the apt amount for your circumstances.

What makes us unique is the repayment flexibility we grant our customers. If you are unhappy with the existing repayment, you can reschedule it even after just 2 repayments.

Which benefits count towards securing loans on benefits?

Unlike others, you will receive numerous benefits to counter needs without missing deadlines.

We consider the disposable income that you left with after meeting the liabilities. However, you may qualify for instant loans on benefits with us if you are on any of the below benefits:

  • Working tax credit
  • Child benefits
  • Disability living allowance
  • Employment and support allowance
  • Personal independence payments
  • State pension

However, if you have other benefits like:

  • Housing benefit
  • Income support
  • Jobseeker allowance
  • Pension credits

Here, you would need to produce additional income proof to qualify. We do not deny straightaway if you have any of these. Instead, gauge the sincerity of the cash need and help.

You may apply for a small sum (emergency only) to get benefit loans from a direct lender like 1OneFinance.

What can you do by getting funds through loans on benefits?

In situations where you crave that extra pound to seal the deal, these benefits loans can help. You can tap these loans for benefits for the following purposes:

  • Cover-work-related expenses- repairing tools
  • Repair electrical appliances
  • Pay the rent
  • Vet bills
  • Schedule or pay the utility bills
  • Funeral expenses
  • Maternity doctor consultation
  • Dental costs or sensitive health issues
  • Urgent travel bookings
loans for people on benefits

You may contact us now if you need a loan on benefits for any of these purposes.

We provide loans on soft credit search that keep your credit score intact. However, we may deny it if the present circumstances or the benefits do not suffice the loan amount you need.

Why tap benefit loans for your critical needs?

These loans are the best to check in if you have been seeking a trusted alternative to your requirements like-

  • No credit check loan
  • Getting a loan on profile with missed payments, defaults, and CCJ
  • No-obligation loan with feasible interest rates
  • Manageable repayments

For any of these situations, you can get instant loans on benefits with us. Here are other advantages of why you may like to tap it:

  • These are any-purpose loans

    Whether your car tire punctures or the oven breaks out, you can use these loans to get that extra cash flexibility any time on the clock. We provide loans for people on benefits round the clock as emergencies arise unplanned. You do not need to disclose the reason to us.

  • No collateral is required

    If you are afraid of losing your possessions, do not worry, as we never ask for one. These are unsecured loans on benefits that you may qualify for a minimal income.

  • Least chance of default

    These loans have competitive interest rates, and you should not think too much about us. Along with flexible repayments, we provide personalised solutions to borrowers to clear loans early. Moreover, you can maintain these unsecured loans with bad credit qualification flexibility in easy repayments.

    You can choose any repayment term until 12 months. It is akin to what you do while taking installment loans from direct lenders. Purpose and loan tenure is something that differs here.

    You may pay the amount and interest rates early if your finances abide by it. We do not charge a pre-payment penalty. Take charge of your credit and meet your needs in time.

  • Get a cash loan without a guarantor

    Individuals facing extreme financial distress struggle to qualify for loans with mainstream lenders. He requires a guarantor in this case. However, these loans eliminate any such loan hassle and hence are also known as no guarantor loans.

Can I get loans for benefits with bad credit?

The unemployed or self-employed can meet their needs with us by qualifying at a minimal income bracket despite a poor credit score. You can meet the initial start-up costs by switching to a business loan on benefits in the UK marketplace.

You share more chances of approval on these loans for business purposes than other loans.

Options like small business loans in the UK marketplace help fix business needs. But qualifying the same is challenging owing to inconsistent income.

Bad credit is just a past mistake. It must not hamper your current urgencies.

If your profile reveals the below parameters, you may get the cash instantly:

  • Well-managed loans
  • Paid utility bills
  • Unemployment status of no more than 7 months
  • No high-paying debts
  • Name on the electoral roll

We provide emergency loans for the unemployed on benefits without any mess. Using this, you can bridge the payment gap even if you have not received your first benefit payment from the authority. However, you must prove the same.

We understand that you may struggle to make timely repayments, and we do not charge interest on 1 missed payment.

I am on benefits and need a loan today. How to apply?

The most important things to consider while applying for the loan are:

  • Degree of urgency
  • Amount you need and can qualify for

If you are surviving on income from benefits, then covering the cost of the loan can be challenging. It may impact the other liabilities. Thus, before borrowing, analyse your need. You can also seek a lower amount. It would reduce interest rates and costs.

The benefit claimants will find our loan process easy and quick.

If you are on benefits and need a loan today from a direct lender like us, you must first meet the document requirements:

  • A valid debit card with a direct debit facility
  • Must be living at the same address for 3 years and provide the proof
  • Income from benefits proof
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months
  • Proof of contributions towards bills/mortgage/rent/food/transport/child

Application procedure

STEP 1 Drag the amount you need and select the loan term
STEP 2 Provide personal information-
  • NAME
  • DOB
STEP 3 Before ticking the box, read the terms and conditions to avoid any confusion
STEP 4 Submit your application
STEP 5 We will return to you for income proof and other identity proof
STEP 6 Sanction loan amount quickly after the application approval

In this way, you may fund your financial needs with on benefits loan today without stressing over bad credit history or slashed income.

Why choose 1OneFinance for instant loans on benefits?

YES, WE DO NOT MAKE ANY FAKE PROMISES. We help redefine possibilities to grab safe and affordable finance. Grab the right amount at the right moment.

Here are some more reasons to check on us for instant loans on benefits:

  • Schedule a call series to re-track your payments (confidential advice)
  • No surprise increase in loan costs
  • Do not charge a penalty on repayment if (benefits payment) gets delayed
  • Online and offline loan facility
  • No cumbersome processes to deal with
  • No threat to your credentials
  • Get cash even if you apply during late hours (except on holidays)


Hopefully, now you have got hands over with the purposes and application to get loans on benefits. If you share some more queries regarding the same, you can check some popular ones here:

Can I get a loan on benefits?

Yes, you are well eligible to get our loans on benefits. We specially offer these loans because a vast section of jobless individuals have been struggling to get a loan on benefits, mainly from traditional lenders. Here, online lenders like 1oneFinance will come in front to assist you. We are already prepared to approve your application for loans for people on benefits. Come and apply now.

What loans can I get on benefits?

You are living on benefits after losing your full-time job. Still, you have plenty of options to borrow money with ease. One of them is an unsecured loan. This short-term loan does not need assets to secure the borrowed sum. Another option is a payday loan, where approval is still there despite no job. Apart from these, you can also opt for our Christmas loans on benefits for festive occasions.

Is a benefit loan a good idea?

It can be a good idea if you are getting unemployment or disability benefits in the form of funds. Only in this situation can you use these benefits to make loan repayments. Otherwise, you can opt for specialised unemployed loans or unsecured loans. In these loans, too, you can get approval on benefits, but you will get only an affordable amount to borrow.

Will I receive the loan amount along with benefits?

No, our loans are separate from the benefits that you receive. You will get the amount credited after applying and getting approval. You get the loan the same day.

How can you improve your chances of qualifying if unemployed?

There are other things that you can do apart from providing proof of benefits to get the loan:

  • Keep up with the repayments
  • Improve your credit score
  • Borrow a lower amount
  • Avoid credit card payments

Figure out your financial circumstances and decide whether you can manage the repayments. If yes, reveal the repayment potential. You may get the loan.

Can I get a loan from universal credit?

Although we only provide loans For people on benefits, you may apply for universal credit. The amount you may receive will be lower than what you can get on benefits.

It is especially true if you are employed and share an excellent income bracket.

Will I need a guarantor to qualify for the loan on bad credit?

The best part about loans for people on benefits is- YOU DO NOT NEED A GUARANTOR. Yes, you may get a loan with no guarantor and a stable financial profile.

These only base your income on benefits proof as a ticket to qualify. Hence, you can walk free from getting a guarantor or discussing financials when you least want to.

Can I repay £3500 for 60 month-term for loans on benefits?

Paying a lower amount of loan within 3,6-and 18-month periods is always advisable. It would not only help you clear the loan quickly and save on interest costs. But if your finances are unstable and you have not found a stable job, you can choose a flexible repayment structure, like 60 months. Otherwise, avoid delaying the loan repayments and closure if your finances abide.

Why choose loans for people on benefits

No more struggles to your finances! It’s time to enjoy stability.

  • Apply online loan 24x7 any time
  • Easy repayment terms for repayment
  • Secured and unsecured all loans are available

Representative example

  • Amount of Borrowing

    £25,000 over 5 Years
  • A Variable Representative of

    11.8% APR
  • Monthly Repayment Amount

    £553.59 for 60 Months

Borrowers must be UK residents and aged 18 or over. Credit limits and interest rates vary based on your individual circumstances.

Keep in mind: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.
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