Loans for the unemployed - we help when others cannot

Who says loans aim at those with a steady source of income? Unexpected expenses can crop up even if you are out of work, and you may need a quick funding source to get by. Here come loans for the unemployed.

While other lenders may not sign off on your application when you are jobless, we will give you a chance to try your luck because we emphasise your repaying capacity, not the type of income source you have.

Since these loans do not require a guarantor, they are also known as fast loans with no guarantor. From convenience to the most competitive interest rates, these loans will be the best bet to help you through tough times.

What are loans for unemployed people?

Loans for unemployed people are small emergency loans designed to help tide over those who have lost their jobs for one reason or another. It seems paradoxical to apply for a loan when you do not have an income source because you must have money to prove your repaying capacity.

Being eligible for a loan without a job does not mean you should not have any income source. It means the income you use to pay off the debt does not have to come from an employer.

A lender may consider various types of passive income sources to determine your repaying capacity for small loans for the unemployed. We take into account any of the following income sources:

  • Unemployment benefits
  • Child support
  • Disability benefits
  • Pension
  • Rental income
  • Inheritance
  • Dividends and interest incomes
  • Regular income from a settlement
  • Income from a part-time job/freelancing

Applying for quick loans for the unemployed is extremely easy. Complete the application form and submit documents to back your financial details. You will receive the funds on the same day.

Here are the features of our unemployed loans:

Interest rates Very competitive, lower than other lenders
Doorstep service Want more convenience? Get money at your doorstep.
Manageable deals Pay down the debt in weekly or monthly instalments.

Do loans for the unemployed with bad credit exist?

A lender might be strict while loaning you when you have no job. Some lenders will not entertain your application if you lack a good credit score. Well, not all lenders follow the same policy.

Applying for loans for the unemployed with bad credit can be hard but possible. Research is the key to ensuring that the lender to whom you are applying accepts applications with your credit rating.

A bad credit score ranges between 561 and 720, according to Experian. While some lenders can loan you money when your credit score is 600, others will only entertain your application if it is 650.

Having done research before time will help you pick a lender whomatches your credit profile. 1OneFinance also lets you take out instalment loans for the unemployed despite a bad credit rating.

We do not follow conditions like a bare minimum credit score to be eligible for these loans. As long as you can afford to repay the debt, we will not hesitate to sign off.

Repaying capacity, not the credit score, is our primary lending criteria. We consider your credit score, but it is not the be-all and end-all.

If your credit score is too bad, chances are you would like to avoid search footprints on your credit report.

As it is crucial to look over your credit report, we cannot eliminate that step, but we can surely avoid hard search footprints, meaning we will run soft inquiries that do not show up on your credit report.

This is how you can avoid losing your credit points. Such loans are known as payday loans with no credit check.

How to get affordable loans for the unemployed with bad credit?

It stands to reason that you are highly likely to default when your credit report is not up to par. The lending decision is not made solely on your credit rating, but it cannot be ignored. You will probably get loans for the unemployed with bad credit at a higher interest rate.

Getting these loans at the most affordable interest rates is still possible. The following factors particularly influence the interest rate:

  • Your credit score

    The higher the credit score is, the lower the interest rate. The three-digit score indicates how you managed your previous debts. The latest default may have a bad impact on your credibility. It will work to your advantage if missed payments and defaults are old.

  • Your income

    Even though your credit score is excellent, you will not get approval if a lender finds you cannot afford to pay back. Borrow money only when you can repay without affecting your ability to meet recurring expenses. A stronger repaying capacity could be a good way to offset the impact of the poor credit file.

  • Debt-to-income ratio

    If you have a debt to pay off, including credit card bills, it can burden your pocket. During unemployment, taking care of your debt-to-income ratio becomes necessary, as lenders are happy if it is low.

    Applying for unemployed loans from us allows you toget lower interest rates than other lenders. If you need more guidance about it, contact our team of expert advisors. They suggest ways to improve your financial situation.

  • Consider joint loans

    Your individual credit report can take some time to improve. If you are not sure about getting the approval, you should consider applying for joint loans for bad credit.

If the co-applicant has a decent credit score or a steady source of income, you are more likely to get the approval.

How can i use doorstep loans 4 for the unemployed?

You can use doorstep loans 4 for unemployed for various purposes. Most lenders lend a small amount, and it may be hard for you to meet big obligations. Since we let you borrow a large sum, you can meet almost all kinds of needs, including big ones.

The following are the ideal purposes for same-day loans for the unemployed so you do not fall into debt.

  • Unforeseen expenses

    These loans are a great deal when you have been caught unawares by unforeseen expenses. For instance, your laptop has broken down, your boiler has conked out, or your car needs a repair. Even if you borrow a small amount, 1OneFinance will let you pay down the debt in weekly instalments.

  • Debt consolidation

    Because the borrowing limit is not too small, you can take out a large personal loan to consolidate your outstanding debts if only you promise to pay it off on time. This facility is not available with other lenders.

  • Rent payment

    It is a recurring expense, so you should not borrow to pay rent. However, you can consider applying for personal loans for the unemployed when you have received the offer letter from an employer.

  • Utility expenses

    You might be cash-strapped with an unstable or no job, so covering utility expenses could be complicated. These loans will come in handy to pay them. Ensure you do not need to borrow again to meet these regular expenses.

  • Medical expenses

    Small unemployed loans can fund the gap if you have to undergo medical treatment or need money for prescribed medication.

  • Larger needs

    Have you left your job to start your own business? Submit your business plan to prove your affordability and get approval for small business start-up loans.

What are the benefits of an unemployed personal loans?

You can use an unemployed personal loan for various purposes. In addition to small needs, they can also fund your larger needs. Given below are the benefits of these loans:

  • Flexibility

    You can utilise loans for people on benefits for almost any purpose. We do not restrict you from the usage of these loans. Apart from the loan duration, you will pay the debt in instalments.

  • Less costly than other borrowing options

    Short-term loans for the unemployed carry lower interest rates than credit cards. Though credit cards seem more convenient, they can be expensive. Further, we assess your repayment capacity before approval to allow an affordable borrowable amount.

  • Customised deals are offered

    Tailored-made deals are what make these loans appealing to a lot of borrowers. If you aretaking on more money than you can afford, we will fund you less than you apply for.

Why choose 1OneFinance for same-day loans for the unemployed?

Various lenders provide the same types of loans, but our deals are more competitive. Here are the special features you will get only from us:

  • Our loans can help improve your credit score
  • Long-term needs can also be fulfilled
  • We do not adhere to traditional lending criteria that make things complicated for no reasons

1OneFinance is an online lender offering unemployed loans at the most affordable interest rates. Submit your application for these loans today.


What kinds of loans can I get if I am unemployed?

With no full-time income, lenders tend to accept loan aspirants as risky borrowers. Therefore, you can get short-term loans as an unemployed individual. In fact, it would be a wise decision to go for small loans as they are convenient to repay. Besides, you can also opt for unsecured or joint loans since you only earn part-time. It will keep your assets safe, or your co-borrower will also be responsible for making repayments.

Do benefits count as income for an unemployed loan?

Yes indeed. Nowadays, lenders are accepting unemployment benefits to allow loans on affordable amounts. However, you cannot expect this from mainstream lenders as they have strict norms. In contrast, you have to contact a responsible direct lender like 1oneFinance. We are the specialist loan provider for unemployed people living on benefits. We are ready to assume their benefits as the mode of making repayments later.

What can I do if I cannot get a loan for the unemployed?

You do not need to feel disappointed if you have been denied from getting an unemployed loan. There must be some strong reasons why your application has been rejected. At 1oneFinance, you have other funding products, such as instalment or unsecured loans, which also apply to jobless individuals. You can apply for them and get sufficient funding in your bank account.

How much money can I borrow with loans for the unemployed?

Depending on your needs and repaying capacity, we can decide how much you can borrow. Nevertheless, the minimum borrowing amount is £1,000, and the maximum is £10,000.

Are there any fees that you charge?

While other lenders charge upfront fees and monthly fees, we do not. This is why our loans are more affordable compared to other lenders. We believe in transparency. You will get a detailed breakdown of the cost in the loan agreement.

Are there any risks about borrowing when unemployed?

You should be careful with taking out loans for the unemployed because you are at risk of missing payments. Interest rates can be high, especially with a poor credit history.

Should I get a loan while unemployed?

Yes, if you need and you will not struggle with payments. You can consider less risky alternatives if you cannot pay the monthly instalment. If you find that any loan will strain your budget, you had better avoid them for a while.

What if I am struggling to repay the debt?

If you miss the payment, your credit points will go down, and late payment fees will be imposed. To avoid this mess, you should immediately talk to us. We will revise your repayment plan based on your current financial condition.

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Keep in mind: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.
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