Bespoke offers on no guarantor loans for bad credit

Is no one willing to take responsibility for loan repayment? Is your bad credit the biggest obstacle? You need a perfect solution where you can manage both of these problems. What will be that? It is no guarantor loans for bad credit people.

1OneFinance brings tailor-made deals on these short-term loans where loan acceptance is possible. We have no issues if your credit score is not in the league of good or excellent.

We still offer financial assistance to those with bad credit scores and no job. We have taken a step forward while helping them, as we offer no guarantor facility while providing loans for people on benefits.

Our primary aim is to ensure financial assistance for those with a credit score or unemployment issues. Choosing us as your direct lender will be beneficial as you can have bad credit loans on an instant decision with no brokers and no guarantor.

What do no guarantor loans stand for people with bad credit?

No guarantor loans are more the facility than a product. These kinds of loans refer to financial help where the lender does not make it mandatory to have a guarantor’s signature while approving a loan application.

Such loans are ideal for those with less-than-perfect credit. They often struggle to win the trust of their near and dear ones due to past credit issues. With loans with no guarantor, individuals have to trust their repayment capacity and convince the lender.

It may be a risk, but at the same time, these loans become the means of instant funding access. Here, you get fast loans with no guarantor because you have already saved a lot of time by not finding someone to be your guarantor.

What will be the advantages of a loan with no guarantor?

You must be curious about the advantages of a loan with no guarantor. We can assure you with not one or two but many loan benefits.

Before that, we suggest that you do proper research about the loans and the possible interest rates to analyse your loan affordability. If you are sure about it, you can start obtaining the following advantages of a no guarantor loan.

  • Instant loan decision

    With no interference from any third party or a person, we can quickly decide your loan application. You can save a few hours or days without a guarantor.

  • Affordable interest rates

    With us, you are very much relieved to have reasonable interest rates, which will not burden your monthly income unnecessarily. We finalise the rates only after judging your affordability.

loans no guarantor
  • Higher chances of loan approval

    Since you have applied for loans with bad credit and no guarantor with full confidence in your capacity, you will have a good chance of guaranteed loan acceptance.

  • Improvement in credit record

    You will manage the loan repayments from your income, which will also help improve your credit score. However, you should be extra careful while doing that, as missing any repayment would impact your credit ratings.

What options fall under loans without a guarantor?

Financial problems are of different forms. We are ready with a perfect solution through different types of loans without a guarantor option. Find here several loan options where you do not need any guarantor.

  • Personal Loans: Borrowing funds has become an everyday need because individuals find it tough to manage every expense from their monthly earnings. It is where our personal loans with no guarantor become handy to fulfil any surprising or planned expenses.

  • Unemployed Loans: Similar to those with poor credit issues, individuals with no job struggle to arrange a guarantor. They want quick loan approval. In this scenario, getting unemployed loans with no guarantor is a good decision.

  • Joint Loans: It is an alternative to no guarantor loans. If you are unsure about your repayment capacity and no one is ready to take your loan guarantee, you can opt for joint loans with bad credit. However, your partner should have a decent credit history.

loan without guarantor
  • Installment Loans: It is another loan product that comes with no guarantor. The significant benefit of installment loans from direct lenders like us is the manageable loan repayments throughout the loan term.

  • Unsecured Loans: Unlike other UK lenders, we are ready to offer no guarantor option to those looking for unsecured loans with bad credit. These are ideal during an emergency as you can only get approval on your income.

  • Small Business Loans: We are well prepared to offer loans to start-ups without asking for a guarantor. It is a huge help for them since they have to manage their early expenses, which they can handle with these easy options.

Can I get very bad credit loans with no guarantor?

We are committed to preparing versatile loan deals for our aspirants. It is why we offer very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker intervention.

Many people have severe credit issues for many reasons or circumstances. These can be bankruptcy, default, and many more. It might not be your fault as situations were such as sudden job loss or any medical emergency.

Furthermore, you may have a problem like very bad credit not only due to late or missing repayments in the past but also because of County Court Judgement (CCJ) against your name. Our CCJ loans with no guarantor are also available to solve this problem.

You get loans at competitive interest rates. We do not ask for any upfront charges. Obtaining very bad credit loans from direct lenders also benefit you in getting an immediate decision.

What are the features of very bad credit loans with no guarantor?

We offer very bad credit loans with no guarantor with proper direct lender features. Indeed, everything will be quick with no hassle at all. Our loan experts are also available to guide you during any confusion with their vital advice.

Below are the features which you will get alongside loans for very bad credit from direct lenders like us:

Online application

Like our every loan deal, we also offer very bad credit loans through digital ways. Just submit an online application with no paperwork.

Urgent funding

Our online procedure paves the way for urgent loans for very bad credit people. You already have the advantage of having no guarantor.

Borrowing amount up to £10000

Despite your adverse credit ratings, we do not hesitate to offer you large amounts like pounds 10000. If you can afford the loan, we are ready too.

Soft credit check

We ensure no further damage to your credit score. Therefore, we are committed to soft credit checks just to prepare an affordable loan deal for you.

Are no guarantor bad credit loans different from payday loans?

Most features of loans with no brokers and guarantors are similar to other small loan options. Still, our benefits make them stand apart in the loan market.

With us, you will have a smoothness of availing a loan where advantages have replaced compulsions. We know that payday loans with no credit check or no broker are also available. These are also useful for tackling urgent financial issues as well.

Our bad credit loans with no guarantor in the UK allow larger amounts to borrow for a longer duration, unlike payday loans.

No Guarantor Loans with Bad Credit Payday Loans
Loans up to 60 months duration Loans are ended on the next payday
Borrow up to 10000 Pounds The maximum amount to borrow is £700
Available on multiple options No other type of loan exists
Useful for both personal and business costs Available for personal purposes only
Affordable Interest Rates Loans with Higher Interest Rates

Why 1OneFinance for bad credit loans with no guarantor?

We have 3 reasons why you should approach us to get no guarantor loans for bad credit. These are Responsibility, Responsive and Result-oriented.


We take responsibility for what we do and provide to you.


We quickly respond to any application on bad credit loans with no guarantor.


We have maintained an excellent record of a 98.5% loan approval rate.

Your financial emergency is calling for immediate action. The time is not to look around. Instead, apply now for the most affordable loans for bad credit in the UK with no guarantor benefit.


Are the interest rates fixed on no-guarantor loans for bad credit?

No, we have kept the interest rates on the flexible side. They vary according to individual circumstances and affordability. Fixed rates may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those with bad credit scores.

Are the repayments affordable to me?

Yes, indeed. We offer bad credit and no guarantor loans on flexible repayment terms. You can choose your own term after analysing the competence of your monthly income. Since you are sure about the repayments, you manage the loan better without any guarantor.

Can I get no guarantor loans with no credit check?

We always follow a soft credit check policy on any loan deal. It restricts any impact on your credit profile. However, sometimes we also offer no guarantor loans for bad credit with no credit check, so your recent financial performance should be accurate.

What is the difference between a guarantor loan and a no-guarantor loan?

A no-guarantor loan is quite different from a guarantor loan. First, you do not need a guarantor, and the lender has no objection. You get the approval on your income capacity and loan affordability. On the other hand, a guarantor loan requires another person to co-sign the loan agreement with you. He will also be responsible for loan repayments if you cannot do so as the primary borrower.

Is there any fee involved on bad credit loans with no guarantor?

We do not charge any upfront fees or other surprising costs while providing bad credit and no guarantor loans. You pay only the interest rate mentioned in the initial loan quote.

Why choose no guarantor loans on same day payout

Apply online and get cash as soon as into your pocket.

  • You don’t have to reveal you situation to anyone
  • Take your bad credit to good on your own
  • Instant solution to your small funding issues
Representative example
  • Amount of Borrowing

    £1,500 over 6 Months
  • A Variable Representative of

    11.8% APR
  • Monthly Repayment Amount


Borrowers must be UK residents and aged 18 or over. Credit limits and interest rates vary based on your individual circumstances.

Keep in mind: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.
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