Get a specialised solution with a payday loan with no credit check

Is coping with the continuous financial mess challenging for you?

Is your unemployment creating obstacles?

Is your poor credit score not allowing you to approach mainstream lenders due to their hard credit checks?

Find the perfect reply to these queries in the form of payday loans with no credit check. These are perhaps the simplest form of financial assistance when someone is in deep trouble.

First, the required amount comes on the same day;

Second, lenders facilitate your loan application with no credit check

At 1OneFinance, you get the best payday loans from a direct lender with no credit check option. We aim towards continuous cash flow despite the unfavourable time. We assure you to have a loan with affordable interest rates and a variety of repayment options.

The best part of our timely financial assistance is that we are ready to offer payday loans for people on benefits, unlike other private lenders in the UK.

How do define payday loans come with no credit check?

Payday loans with no credit check are specialised funding products that you can get only from a direct lender like us. These short-term loans are available for those with credit mistakes in the past or no credit history.

Such loans are suitable primarily for financial emergencies when you need money quickly. The form of emergency can vary among individuals, but these loans suit everyone due to the soft approach of the lenders.

We offer these payday loans with two main features. These are:-

Instant Decision

We are committed to providing no credit check loans on the instant decision, as only online loan applications are accepted here.

No Guarantor

There is nothing compulsory here because we follow flexible lending policies. Get loans with no guarantor and no broker.

Why get payday loans from a direct lender?

Payday loans from a direct lender are easily available in the UK marketplace. We also provide them with acceptable norms. However, it does not mean you should always apply for them.

We responsibly say that a loan is a solution, but it also increases your debts. You should definitely go for this payday loan with no credit check from a direct lender during an emergency only.

Here are the best uses of this instant loan with no credit check:

  • To calm down an urgent situation

    Financial urgencies can be in different forms, like losing a job, a sudden medical emergency, a lost wallet somewhere, a broken boiler, and many more. In all these situations, you need quick funding, and these loans are known for this.

  • To build a credit score

    You want a loan for the first time and thus have no credit history to show. You want a positive start to your credit score, and these loans are the best option.

  • To fill the funding gap

    Payday loans in the UK with no credit check benefit are ideal for filling the funding gap while purchasing something or making a down payment on your mortgage. You can also use them to pay the booking amount or the down payment on your new car.

How approaching direct lenders for payday loans beneficial?

During the extreme need for funds, you are eagerly waiting to gain maximum benefits from direct lenders on payday loans.

At 1OneFinance, you will surely get many of them. Indeed, no credit check is among them, but we present other benefits also to bring your finances on track.

Online Process

There is no demand to stand in the queue to submit a loan application. Come online and complete the process here with no documentation.

Loans in 15 Minutes

The benefit of online loan application is more when you receive direct lender no credit check loans in 15 minutes.

Loans for every Location

Just search with ‘payday loans with no credit check near me.’ You will find us and can only apply for our loans from your location.

No Employment Verification

If you can afford the loan interest rates and repayments, we can offer payday loans without income verification.

Higher Loan Approval Chances

Ours are no-refusal payday loans for no credit check facility among many direct lenders. We approve a maximum of loan applications.

Easy-To-Repay Loans

Our loans are easier to repay according to a fortnight, weekly, or monthly repayment options. You can choose your own term.

Is a guaranteed payday loan from a direct lender possible?

You have come here because the mainstream lenders are not interested in your loan profile. They cannot guarantee you a loan, but the question is: Will you be able to get a guaranteed payday loan from a direct lender?

We cannot talk about other UK lenders, but the answer will be yes if you apply here. The primary reason is we offer only AFFORDABLE LOANS in the UK as a direct lender with no credit check option. Not only you but also want a positive start on your credit scores.

Still, you need to work on the following points to get the guaranteed loan approval:-

  • You should decide the amount according to your current need;
  • Plan a loan as such where you can repay a loan from your monthly income, not from savings;
  • Make all payments on time and show the same to the lender;
  • Show sincerity during the loan process and do not hide anything from us;
  • If you have no full-time income, show your part-time income or benefits to us if you are applying for payday loans for the unemployed in the UK

What are the alternatives to payday loans with no credit check?

You do not get one or two loans with no credit check from a direct lender like us, but many alternatives are there to utilise according to prevailing financial circumstances.

  • Short-term loans

    We offer our small loans with no credit check facility. These are payday loans but available for longer duration and with a slightly larger amount.

  • Bad credit loans

    You will feel satisfied knowing that we are the specialised direct lender of bad credit loans with no credit check. These are available at affordable rates.

  • Start-up loans

    It is indeed very unlike other loan providers in the UK. We bring no credit check facility to small business start-up loans. However, you have to show your loan compatibility.

  • Personal loans

    As the preferred borrowing products, we have brought an exclusive deal on personal instalment loans with no credit check, including competitive APRs.

You can choose any of these alternatives of instant payday loans with no credit check benefit. Qualifying them is nothing complicated, as only simple eligibility conditions exist.

What are the risks of payday loans with no credit check?

There are some possible risks of payday loans with no credit check from a direct lender. We want to warn you despite being a lender. It is our duty to make you aware of the disadvantages of such salary-day loans.

Given below are the risks that you should be aware of before opting for no credit check direct lender loan:-

  • Since no lender can promise a loan without a credit check. Therefore, applying with no research can be dodgy;
  • If the lender does not vouch for you for not having any impact on your credit profile, then it may not be suitable for you;
  • These are like unsecured loans for bad credit people. You cannot ask for a heavy amount for a longer duration;
  • If you have debts, you should not go for these loans as they will increase your burden.

You should not worry too much about these risks or disadvantages, as our loan experts are there to guide you.

How to apply for no credit check loans?

Applying for no credit check loans here is nothing complicated. We follow the simplest of application procedures, i.e., online. The steps are very few and simple to follow. However, you should not assume things lightly.

Follow the given below procedure of no credit check payday loans carefully:-

1. Choose the Loan Amount

Select the amount after analysing your situation and affordability.

2. Fill Out an Online Form

Complete an online form with mandatory columns and submit it.

3. Get an Instant Quote

You quickly receive a loan quote from us, including loan terms and rates.

4. Instant Loan Decision

We quickly decide on your loan request and release the funds online.

Before applying, you need to qualify for a no-credit-check fast loan. However, the criterion is not tricky to fulfil, but you should be earning some income.

Why 1OneFinance among many direct lenders for no credit check?

Commitment, Relevancy, and Reliability define our lending approach while offering payday loans with no credit check from a direct lender. Whatever you want from us, you get the same.


We vouch for 100% while serving your financial needs. There will be no surprising and hidden charges.


Our loan deals are relevant to your financial problems. The primary reason is obvious, i.e., affordable loans only.


We are among the most reliable direct lenders for no-credit-check loans in the UK. You can test us now.

1OneFinance is a trustworthy lending place where you can choose your loan deal and term. We stand apart from other lenders in many other aspects. For instance, we allow you to opt for joint loans with no credit check.


Why would you want a payday loan with no credit check?

There can be various reasons to opt for a payday loan without a credit check option. However, it happens very rarely but proves beneficial sometimes. Here are the possible reasons:

  • Your credit score does not have a good past, but still, you want guaranteed loan approval
  • You are applying for loans first time with no credit history, and thus, there is nothing to show
  • You need a very small amount for which you think a credit check would only waste your time

How much can I borrow with a payday loan?

A payday loan falls under the category of small loans; thus, you will not get a large amount on them. Instead, you will be able to fetch a small amount only. At 1onefinance, you can borrow between £1000 and £5000, which is quite a higher amount than any other direct lender. Therefore, you can fulfil a significant financial need with our loan options.

Can I get a loan without a formal credit check in the UK?

Every lender in the UK is liable to do necessary credit checks to ensure an affordable loan deal for the aspirants. 1oneFinance also follows the same. However, we do not perform hard credit checks and allow smooth approval for everyone. Our credit check does not find any mention in your credit report. Hence, your loan chances will remain intact.

Do payday loans with no credit check come with high-interest rates?

Payday loans often carry higher interest rates than any other standard loan options. With no credit check, you may think these will cost you a lot. It is not true at 1OneFinance because our loans are always competitive in rates as we offer only affordable loans.

Which loans come instantly with no credit check?

Primarily, payday loans come with no credit check. These are very small loans available shortly. With only a small amount to borrow, we feel there is nothing necessary to examine the credit history of the borrower.

How does soft credit check differ from a no credit check?

A soft credit check is an alternative to a hard credit check. Similarly, no credit check is a substitute for a soft credit check. No lender can offer loans with no credit check, as it is a mandatory process. Still, it is possible in specific circumstances or for first-time borrowers.

Are no credit check loans possible with CCJ?

No credit check loans are particularly suitable for those having bad credit issues. Sometimes, these loans are also available for those with adverse credit scores or County Court Judgement (CCJ). However, proving it is not due to your fault is mandatory.

Can i get 100% guaranteed acceptance on no credit check loans?

No one can guarantee a loan acceptance, even if the loan carries no credit check. You need to show your loan affordability from your monthly income. You get the approval only if you are eligible for lending norms.

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